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The findings of the present study are highly relevant for broodstock management in aquaculture, as well in understanding the impact of climate change/temperature variability on wild salmon spawning. Svanhild Lohne Gokstad at the Institute of Marine Research, Austevoll, are acknowledged for skillful assistance with steroid ELISAs.The authors would like to thank the staff at the Institute of Marine Research, Matre, for their valuable assistance in the preparation and execution of the experimental work and subsequent analyses. This study was financed by the Norwegian Research Council Grant No.

In females, levels of plasma testosterone (T) and 17β-oestradiol (E) dropped as ovulation approached, concurrent with a rapid increase in levels of plasma 17α,20β-dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one (17,20β-P).L.) were held under three temperature regimes for 10 weeks between September and December: warm (constant 14–16 °C), ambient (decreasing from 11 to 5 °C), and cold (decreasing from 7 to 3 °C).Blood samples were analyzed for plasma steroid levels, and the fish were inspected for the presence of expressible milt (total volume and spermatocrit) and ovulation weekly.Retired haulier Ralph Clarke had already been warned to expect a significant custodial sentence for 17 offences of indecent assault, 11 of indecency with a child and two attempted serious sexual assaults.Clarke pleaded guilty to nine offences relating to a male victim part-way through a two-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

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