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You may be able to get internet merchant accounts from your bank (the same place you got your merchant accounts for your bricks-and-mortar retail business).

Merchant accounts are necessary accounts for many businesses, and are essential for online businesses.However, the type of business applying for the merchant account may influence its risk factor, and some banks may not approve what is considered by them a high risk merchant account.It is important to understand that not all banks would like to work with any industry and therefore our job, here at Magic Pay, is to find the bank that will work with your type of business.Although certain industries (listed below) are considered high risk, some industries that may be on the “safer side” may still be considered by some banks to be high risk, and that may be due to previous bankruptcies the owner of the firm may had in the past, unsatisfactory credit history, length of company in business and so forth.So, shortly, even businesses that most banks consider low risk may by considered high risk at some cases due to the individual situation of each company.

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A merchant account is an agreement made between the business/seller, the bank where the merchant account is held and the payment processor to settle all transactions made by debit and credit cards.

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