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Some people have naturally flat feet, but most people have feet that are slight arched. This is called Neuropathy, and it’s a form of nerve damage.If you notice your formerly arched foot is now flatter than before, you should seek help. Foot problems, such as Achilles tendonitis cause a great deal of pain when you walk. So if you notice that one or both of your feet have changed color, you should see a Podiatrist. Some Podiatrists specialize in diabetic treatment, so if you’re a diabetic experiencing numbness in your feet, seek help as soon as possible.High arches are seen less frequently than flat arches, and therefore high arch related foot pain is seen less commonly.People with ‘normal’ arches can still develop plantar fasciitis from straining injuries.This article will discuss the advantages of seeking a podiatrist first for care of this condition, as well as impediments to reaching a foot specialist for initial treatment.Heel pain is nearly always related to injury to a ligament called the plantar fascia.A tendon problem can lead to more serious complications down the road. The pain is at its most intense after first walking in the morning or when getting up after sitting for an extended period of time. If your foot becomes a shade or two darker than normal, you may have a problem with circulation. Podiatric medicine is an important branch of healthcare for people suffering from any pain or injuries for their foot, ankle, and lower leg.

Over time, and with the right conditions, the fascia attachment at or near the heel bone can become inflamed and thickened, with microscopic tearing upon arising from bed and from a seated position, or after standing or moving for a lengthy period of the time. While heel spurs are rarely ever the source of pain (despite the common myth they cause heel pain), they do form benignly as a result of the strain on the outer layer of the heel bone connected to the fascia.These practitioners can still be hard to find in some areas and so it might take a little extra effort if you really want to meet the best podiatrists.These days, the number of these specialists is starting to increase as demand for their services consistently sees a steady growth.You may have issues with your ankles and feet that require a Podiatrist.This is usually the case when your aches and pains go beyond what’s considered normal.

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This can occur when ladders or stairs are used in excess, when one steps on a blunt object, or during athletic activity such as running sports.

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