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So, all those girls who are looking for , Instagram, Whats App, Viber, Tinder or any other app, this gallery will provide you the best collection of girls profile pictures that you’ll love.All the girls profile photos provided below are of large size and many of them are in Full HD so that you will be able to set best quality cute girls dp profile picture for your Facebook & Whats App.More than 30 new species were found by the researchers, including:- Six species of fish- Three plants- 15 aquatic beetles- Five odonates (insects including dragonflies and the damselflies)- One blue tarantula Researchers from the Global Wildlife Conservation discovered the new species in Kaieteur National Park and the Upper Potaro area in Guyana – areas that are part of a largely intact forest landscape.The region is known to have huge value globally for conservation, and shelters several species that are vulnerable or on the verge of extinction, including Tepui swifts, Guianan cock of the rock, white-lipped peccary and the golden rocket frog.For Facebook, the basic elements of the social media platform may look the same, but there is no one size fits all approach — especially when it comes to a woman's safety online."If you think of how your online life works, it really mirrors what is happening in society offline," Aarati Soman, a product manager at Facebook, told Refinery29.

This guard serves multiple protective purposes: It prevents others from downloading, sharing, or sending the image on Facebook; it disables someone from taking a screenshot on an Android device; and it keeps anyone who is not Facebook friends with the user from tagging themselves in the photo.

Nevertheless, the guard doesn't relieve all concerns.

It is unable to, for example, prevent someone from taking a photo of a profile picture using another phone or camera or computer.

Though it's hard to predict the effect the new features will have until they are adopted widely, Facebook's product testing predicts the impact will be positive. This gives me a lot of relief, this gives me a lot more comfort," Soman said of the women who tried out the guard and design overlay.

Facebook cares about profile photos for a couple reasons.

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