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Bonifacio's position would be challenged by the Cavite-based Magdalo faction of the Katipunan, led by landlord Emilio Aguinaldo, who later took over in 1897 but was driven into exile in Hong Kong that same year.During this time the Spanish-American War broke out, and the Philippines became one such theater. He then returned to the Philippines backed by US forces in May 1898, declared independence on June 12, and founded what is today considered the "first" Republic a year later.They paid tribute to larger centres of civilisation in the region, such as Imperial China or the Majapahit Empire in modern-day Indonesia.Some pre-Philippine kingdoms earned quite a reputation for quality items and fairness in trade that the Chinese, for instance, made them preferential trading partners over the likes of Japan.), is a Southeast Asian country with an amalgamation of Malay, Chinese, and Spanish roots and cultures on the western end of the Pacific Ocean.Made up of 7,107 islands (divided between Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions), the Philippines is the fourth-largest Asian Anglophone country, much of its population having Austronesian roots.The Spanish East Indies, however, also saw many a threat from within (local insurgents and Muslim warlords in Mindanao) and without (Chinese pirates and fellow colonists from the Netherlands and Portugal), including a three-year occupation by the British as a Spin-Off of the Seven Years' War (1762-1764).After Mexico declared independence in 1821, Madrid directly took control of the Spanish East Indies, opening up Manila to international trade, bringing in a wave of immigrants from Latin America and mainland Spain, while wealthy indigenous Filipinos and in Cavite led to the execution of three indigenous priests on false charges of inciting the mutiny, leading to the establishment of the Propaganda Movement, a group of émigrés lobbying for awareness and reform.

The US was in its international expansionist phase, as was happening in Cuba.It helps that most of these workers speak Surprisingly Good English, a mark of the nation's colonized past.The islands were settled as early as 67,000 years ago, evidenced by the metatarsal of a man found in Cagayan valley in 2007.The classical period of precolonial Philippine historytechnically, "pre-Philippine history", as the name is obviously of colonial origin, named for King Philip II of Spainis known largely from third-party accounts from elsewhere in East and Southeast Asia, but the oldest concrete artifact of a proto-Philippine provenance is the Laguna Copperplate Inscription, a record of a royal debt pardon dated, luckily very specifically, to 900 CE.It definitively demonstrated that culturally advanced and loosely organised kingdoms were thriving in the area for at least a millennium before the colonial period.

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