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When I did read Charlotte Brontë's story, it seemed to me that the first Mrs Rochester, the discarded wife who ghosted about Thornfield Manor, cast a far darker shadow over Mr Rochester and Jane than Brontë had intended.

Set in wild, magical Jamaican scenery, Wide Sargasso Sea depicts the trouble and confusion on West Indian sugar estates in the aftermath of emancipation.

“Vertebrate fossils are rare from the Kachchh region, and we were expecting only bone fragments from this area,” Guntupalli Prasad, the lead author of the study, told PLOS Research News, which is affiliated with PLOS ONE.

“So to find a near-complete skeleton is surprising as well as exciting.” Mr Prasad said ichthyosaurs, or "fish lizards", resembled modern dolphins and whales and lived between 250 and 90 million years ago.

Wide Sargasso Sea is not just a great novel, it is many brilliant books in one.

Multi-layered and complex, Jean Rhys's prelude to Jane Eyre vividly illustrates how accounts and understanding differ, and creates a sense of the characters' past being inescapable.

Today, she plans on hosting a seafood cocktail party, a...

Ariel is one of the eleven gorgeous Disney Princesses and she appears in The Little Mermaid as the beautiful mermaid princess of the sea. Prepare an honorable assortment of delicious sushi as fast and precisely as you can in this fun, traditional food preparatio...This is a book that gives voice to neglected, silenced and unacknowledged stories, exploring different inflections of marginality – gender, class, race and madness.Where historical events, recorded in written discourse, have shaped the opinions of many of the people of the former British colonies and education is exclusively from a Eurocentric perspective, the recovery of "lost" histories has a crucial role to play in allowing access to events and experiences which have not previously been recorded.Even though she was loved by everyone in the kingdom, Ariel... When you swim underwater among the reefs with your friends, you will surely notice a colorful array of coral reefs.If you love sushi, then you've probably had quite a few Philadelphia rolls. The king of the seas, found an empty patch of sand and he wants to fill it up with great underwater objects. The baby shark isn't old enough to go hunting for his own fish, so he's getting started by chopping up and preparing tasty sushi rolls from his parents' catch. Check before the two scenes, and find all the differences hidden between the fishes!

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