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For women, a different trend applies – with librarians being the most picky, followed by pharmacists and engineers.

Marketers, admin assistants and bartenders are the least fussy. Business Executive (male) and Business Executive (female) 5.

Consultant *By attractive, we mean the jobs that receive the most ‘communications’ from the opposite sex on e Harmony.

In this way, New York and other major cities functioned as a metaphor for contemporary experience.In the 1990s Koolhaas and OMA saw several important works to fruition, including the Nexus Housing project (1989–91) in Fukuoka, Japan; the Kunsthal (1992) in Rotterdam; a private residence (1994–98) in Bordeaux, France; and the Educatorium (1993–97), a multipurpose building at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.Unlike many of his contemporaries, who developed a distinctive aesthetic, Koolhaas did not establish a constant look from project to project.Our study found that men working in advertising and female lawyers are the most attractive* people to the opposite sex. Whilst studying how compatible singles connect and communicate on e uk, our computational scientists also looked into whether or not your job could be influencing your attraction online.

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