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Whatever movies they were involved in must pay very well, I thought.When we arrived, I unpacked in the guest bedroom and was invited down poolside to join Chrissy and Carol.Mom had insisted on me going to my two aunts in California for "a good rest" after a long winter of studying. Aunty Chrissy had been married to mom's brother for 10 years, but had split up in an acrimonious divorce.She was 40 when I arrived in San Diego and exactly 22 years older than me, 'cos we shared the same birthday.I've got something very sexy – but just remember to keep your hands off him!" And then she indicated that I follow her into the house and we walked upstairs to her bedroom, where my bikini-clad aunt opened a drawer and selected a red satin thong and threw it over to me.

And I needed a bit of help in that region – I think my cock is rather nice, thick and circumcised, but at just over 7 inches it's not exactly a John Holmes special!

" Aunty Carol looked at me with a wicked smile: "Nonsense, sis, he's just itching to try something really sexy. And to be honest, the rather baggy shorts did feel a bit ridiculous out in the glorious heat of the San Diego afternoon.

"OK, sis, you win," said Aunty Chrissy, climbing from her lounger.

I had my dark hair cut short in a real marine-style cut.

I'd even given myself a shave and crew cut on my pubic region.

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