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A deep, dark rose with patchouli and sandalwood base, and a fresh trail of lemoncest and green crisp geranium is what I get. I am just so upset spending my hard earned money on it.Is it me or is this really a Chanel fragrance that is just made big by marketing a fancy bottle (yes I fell for the gorgeous bottle).I've had a decant forever and just sprayed it and WOW!!!! For me it's like "Mother" of Coco Mademoiselle (which sits right next to Noir on my perfume-shelf), as some notes are the same. is way lighter and 'easier' & I can wear it day-night / summer-winter; NOIR is more 'serious', deeper and heavier. I decided to give this one a try instead of sticking to my tried and tested workhorses.I love smelling my clothes & hair the next day, as it is still present and gives off the best. It might be useful to you, that I also: The only legitimate reason for this to be called "noir" is that it makes the bottle look bloody gorgeous. Sadly I can't seem to get any performance out of this.

I wanted to continue exploring an entire esthetic range of CHANEL perfumery, a range that distinguishes itself from the Florals, one that is illustrated by Bois-des-Iles and Cuir de Russie. It’s what I like to call the CHANEL Coromandel culture, what you see and feel in her apartment.Coco Noir is the smell of inward confidence, of self assurance and actualization.Determined, headstrong, demanding, yet somehow still demure and sensitive.The night vision of the ‘Orient that starts and ends in Venice’ imposed itself upon me and that is where I wanted to go.” perfumer Jacques Polge.In 1984, there was Coco, that sumptuous blend of wood, resins, flowers, spices and fruit.

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