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The 2017 hurricane season, which ends Thursday, will go down as one of the most active and destructive of all time.There were 17 named storms, six of them major, and significant damage was registered in the Leeward Islands, the Caribbean and the United States.The other eight: 2005 (250.13); 1897 (231.15); 1926 (229.56); 1995 (227.103); 2004 (226.88); 2017 (223.12); 1950 (211.283) and 1961 (205.40).Sandrik said his research into hurricanes prior to 1851 shows that the 1780, 18 hurricane seasons were also hyperactive seasons.

Though the state had plans to ensure that ample fuel supplies were available before and after Irma, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas just weeks before and that led to a fuel shortage in Florida. Rick Scott has led the charge to better protect residents:• Scott issued an order that requires the state’s 3,500 assisted living facilities (ALFs) and 700 nursing homes to have generators large enough to operate cooling systems, and to keep enough fuel on hand to operate these generators for four days.The highest ACE value for a single storm was Hurricane Ivan (70.4) in 2004, followed by Irma (66.7) this year, Isabel (63.3) in 2003, Donna (57.6) in 1960 and Hurricane Carrie (55.8) in 1957.A storm does not have to make landfall to get its intensity rating.After Irma crushed several Caribbean islands and then the United States mainland, Hurricane Maria plowed across Puerto Rico on Sept. Some experts believe this year was just the beginning of an active hurricane period that could last at least five more years.Local lessons learned Emergency management directors John Shaw of Alachua County and Preston Bowlin of Marion County were both new on the job this year.

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