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The all-glass front and back on i Phone X feature the most durable glass ever in a smartphone in two beautiful finishes, silver and space gray.

After months of hype, endless speculation, and a wave of last-minute rumors about production delays, the i Phone X is finally here.

Overall, the i Phone X is definitely more of a slightly bigger i Phone 8 than a smaller 8 Plus, and that’s what it feels like in your hand.

It’s like when Apple moved from the i Phone 4 to the 5 — the display grew a bit taller.

It’s a very different design decision than curving the screen to eliminate the bezel entirely, like Samsung does.

So I wouldn’t expect it to remain flawless if you don’t have a case.

And, of course, there’s the notch in the display — what Apple calls the “sensor housing.” It’s ugly, but it tends to fade away after a while in portrait mode.

It wants the i Phone X to be more than just the new i Phone.

It wants it to be the beginning of a new of i Phones. I got a lot of questions about the i Phone X as I wrote this review, and I did my best to answer as many of them as I could.

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It’s definitely intrusive in landscape, though — it makes landscape in general pretty messy.

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