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It concerns the seed caching behaviour of Clark's Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana) and the Mexican Jay (Aphelocoma ultramarina).

The former is a specialist, caching 30,000 or so seeds in scattered locations that it will the Nutcracker being rather solitary while the Jay forages in social groups.

D Urban black rats were found to lack the skill and were unable to learn it even if housed with experienced cone strippers.Normally, the Gulf Stream, laden with heat soaked up in the tropics, meanders up the east coasts of the United States and Canada.As it flows northward, the stream surrenders heat to the air.“Most people think these other guys in the boat are rowing, but they are actually pushing the ice away,” says Curry, tapping his finger on a of the painting.Sure enough, the lead oarsman is bashing the frozen river with his boot. The place in this painting is 30 min­utes away by car.

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