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The lawsuit states the man was interviewed by campus police and there was an "inadequate response by police in Chattanooga.""For reasons unknown, it appears that corroborating evidence may not have been presented to the authorities, including a 'rape kit' and witness statements," the lawsuit reads.

It also says the man named in the lawsuit is no longer an active member of the Chattanooga chapter."Based on cursory review of the complaint, it is clear there are factual misrepresentations regarding the Fraternity, Chapter, and House Corporation," the statement reads.

"Moreover, the International Fraternity did not sanction nor enable the alleged crime, or any crime, as is alleged in this case."The civil case against the fraternity is the latest legal action brought against a Tennessee university and comes amid heightened scrutiny of how those institutions respond to reports of sexual assault. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights is investigating how three Tennessee schools responded to reports of sexual assault.

Semen samples also may be sorted in the laboratory, frozen and shipped to a collaborating medical facility.

Donor sperm is available for sorting under certain circumstances.

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