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There are coaches with multiple championships who did not make this countdown, including Tom Flores and Mike Shanahan.

Johnson's career was brief, and it can be argued that his greatest success came in the role of general manager (though that's a bit of a hair-split). He couldn't repeat his formula in any city and turn a doormat into a contender.

Ditka's coaching peak was brief, his Bears devastating on defense but a little too old-fashioned on offense to repeat the glory of the 1985 season. Weeb Ewbank won two of the most important, legendary games in football history: the so-called Greatest Game Ever Played (the 1958 Colts-Giants NFL championship) and Super Bowl III (his AFL Jets defeating Don Shula's heavy-favorite Colts). The 1958 game is talked about in hushed whispers for its impact on pro football's popularity, for the advent of sudden-death overtime and for the sheer number of Hall of Famers on the field that day (including Ewbank, but not headlined by him).

His Saints were big on bluster but short on results. Super Bowl III is all about Joe Namath and guarantees, even though Ewbank was instrumental in developing the run-heavy game plan that led to the Jets upset.

Ewbank was self-effacing and soft-spoken with the media, so his coaching never brought attention to itself.

And of course you think of Cowher, wearing both his joy and rage on his sleeve, coaching like he would grab a helmet at any moment to teach some punt returner a lesson.

Cowher's Steelers weren't as good as the vintage Steel Curtain teams. But Cowher breathed new life into an organization that lost its direction at the end of the Chuck Noll era.

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