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In addition, that earlier type of concrete was not used in civil engineering structures with normal durability requirements because they either contained too much water or were not stable and led to unacceptable heterogeneity in the structure.

The final height H and H2/H1 for the U-box and the L-box respectively are recorded.

They provide indication on the static and dynamic segregation resistance of an SCC as well as its ability to flow through reinforcements.

They are frequently used in the field as acceptance test methods.

By 1988, the concept was developed and ready for the first real-scale tests.

The first paper on SCC was presented at the second East-Asia and Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction (EASEC-2) in 1989, followed by another presentation at an Energy Diversification Research Laboratories (CANMET)/American Concrete Institute (ACI) meeting in 1992.

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