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Usually wearing business clothes and high heels, although later seen in inmate scrubs in Season Five.

In college, Linda was desperate to fit into her sorority.

She attempts to tell Fig that she works for MCC, but Caputo pretends she is a mentally ill patient who thinks she's in charge. Yeah, I get those confused sometimes", making Brandy and Sankey laugh.

Upon the arrival of the riot police, Linda is captured by them, along with the other inmates, despite her outcries to the SWAT officers. She is last seen being escorted onto a prison transport bus with the other prisoners at the end of Season Five.

Linda Ferguson is the Director of Purchasing for MCC.

He appears to lose his affection for her when she does not score him highly in the prison talent show, and after speaking with Fig about how his education classes were turned into a chain gang.

She serves as the Quaternary antagonist of Season 4 and an anti-villain in Season 5. Linda is shown to be competent in her job at saving MCC money and is eager to climb the corporate ladder.

She is shown to be cold and uncaring about the Litchfield prisoners' well-being, repeatedly putting the finances of Litchfield above all else.

She vows to do whatever it takes to uphold their name.

At a party, the leader of her sorority, Meggan, is extremely drunk, and asks Linda to stand outside in the snow with her while she tries to pee.

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