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She can be effortlessly charming and yet pleasantly evasive, like a child who pretends not to hear when you insist it’s time for bed. You get the sense that she has done the work, much of it brutal, and come out the other side.But she also knows she will never again be completely who she was, who she might have been. An adventurous young woman, who, at the age of 22, married a politician of 51 and found herself wildly unprepared for the fishbowl that came with being the wife of a national leader; a wild child who traded that restrictive existence for a glittering jet-set life that almost killed her, and for affairs with some of the most powerful and notorious playboys of the 1970s: O’Neal, Jack Nicholson, Ron Wood, Ted Kennedy, Perrier-water heir Bruce Nevins, and countless others, including a notorious cocaine dealer.She would spiral into depression only to zoom up into mania.

She had met O’Neal at Studio 54, where she was a regular (“He was sort of like Cary Grant and Peter Lawford—lanky and tall and elegant, just perfect lines everywhere,” she says today), and where she once memorably sat on a patron’s birthday cake.

(O’Neal declined to comment for this article.) Until the day she taped an episode of and then went to his house to see him, only to be told he couldn’t let her in because his son was at home. But despite her fortitude, she cannot completely vanquish regret, having lived a big, wild, public life. And yet you know you were trapped in the reality of mental illness.”Margaret doesn’t tell the O’Neal story in the speeches she now makes.

Piqued and undaunted, she hiked up her tight leather skirt and scaled the high wall surrounding O’Neal’s mansion, teetering on black suede pumps as her driver looked on, suitably agog. But she tells others, many just as shocking and scandalous and embarrassing.

“When I was living it up, no one could have told me I was as mad as a hatter.

Clearly, I was beyond reason—I wasn’t thinking with a rational mind.

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I had studied modelling in my late teens and thought that maybe it would be interesting to do this type of work again.

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