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It shows that you’re completely focused on them, and aren’t distracted during the date. Be aware of your body when you’re sitting across the table or next to your date.Don’t fidget or rock your body forward and backward, and don’t nod your head forever like you’ve got a spring for your neck.Feel positive about the date, and the person you’re meeting will feel positive around you too.Remember, positive energy always attracts positive energy. Treat your date with respect and remember to be courteous and kind during the date.It’s completely acceptable to goof up or slip up once in a while, just as long as you shrug the accident off with a laugh instead of appearing nervous or awkward.In fact, a silly slip up can actually make the evening more fun and memorable.Unless your date leans in or tries to get closer to you, avoid reaching out and touching them unnecessarily.

Place your hand on the table and lean towards your date almost all throughout the date.

Bitch about something both of you hate, or talk excitedly about something both of you love.

Finding the passionate common ground will help both of you realize just how common both your likes and dislikes are.

If you’re having a great time with your date, you can’t help but open your eyes wide with excitement.

While speaking with your date, hold a strong gaze and nod casually when they say something.

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