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Roy Moore deserves “due process.” John Conyers deserves “due process.” Jeremy Piven deserves “due process.” From Jennifer Garner to Nancy Pelosi have called for “due process” in assessing sexual misconduct claims.None of the high-profile people accused of sexual misconduct are on trial though.Since then, more people have come forward to corroborate the fact that Moore is a creep and that he was banned from a mall for hassling teens when he was in his thirties.A person is entirely justified in judging Moore harshly for these deeply reported and troubling stories.This is sure one psychological thriller you ought to check out.Throughout the debate on what to do about all this sexual harassment, people who fancy themselves sensible have beaten the “due process” drum.A film about a pedophile who invites a 14 year old girl into his house only to lead a disturbing game of cat and mouse with shocking consequences and shocking twists.

People should apply the same scrutiny to news reports of sexual harassment that they do to other news.

There, both Hayley and Jeff's true intentions come to light, their meeting which was no accident on either side, and the intentions which may be incompatible and have serious and deadly consequences.

The stunt coordinator's house served as the exterior for Jeff's house.

In the court of public opinion, for better or for worse, there is no “due process.” There is no pre-established standard accusations must meet before the public or an individual is determined proper in their condemnation.

There’s no Public Opinion Supreme Court and, unfortunately, no Public Opinion Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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What he did wasn’t criminal, but that sort of behavior, when built into the architecture of the news media industry, is toxic for women who didn’t realize that sexual favors were in their job descriptions.

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