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That could also explain why marriages that began on social networking sites were also no more likely to end in divorce than unions that were generated by online dating sites that involve algorithms and strangers trying to match people together, rather than acquaintances who know their friends’ likes and dislikes and personality best.MORE: With Oculus, Facebook Can Reinvent Itself — and Its Reputation Social networking sites also have another potential advantage over dating services – they aren’t burdened by the pressure of trying to find love and the anxiety of having to present yourself in the best possible light to catch a mate.MORE: Inside Tinder: Meet the Guys Who Turned Dating Into an Addiction “It was really, really astonishing, since [romantic relationships] aren’t the purpose of these sites,” he says of the data, which came from e Harmony, the online dating service.

I honestly can't say enough good things about my ex-husband.

He's smart (smarter than I am); he can figure things out; he is intuitive with people, technologically savvy, and forward thinking; and he had the potential to be an executive-level employee.

I saw all of this potential in him, and I definitely was enthusiastic about it.

When you fall in love with someone so young, there are pitfalls that you're not aware of until later on.

If you're serious about your high school sweetheart, here are a few things you should know.

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