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Fit and finish are excellent and accuracy with 50gr Hornady V-Max is pretty much one hole at 100yrds. rifles but it looks like the older ones were alot better quality. I've owned 2 regular 700s and parted with them with no regret.

The design is clunky, there are too many safety recalls and reports of chronic quality problems like bolt handles coming off etc.

With the debatable exception of the triggers, I do not believe there were any bad years. What else can you expect to last forever without failing regardless of whether or not it receives proper maintenance?In my opinion, the "creme de la creme" of Remington 700's is the early BDL models from their introduction in 1962 until around the late 70's.The checkering design on the beautiful walnut stocks, and overall fit and finish just seems a little better to me.Into this .308- my bad weather rifle is a left hand 700 SA sps in 7-08 youth rifle with a longer recoil pad installed and with 43grs varget and the 120nosler bt,it will do three shot .50-.75 inch groups at 100yds with a leupold 3x9 compact AO scope in dual dove tailed bases and rings from a bench rest. If anything they've improved due to advancements in machining, metallurgy & synthetic materials. Even the plastic stocked guns shoot at least as well as the wood stocked guns. I'd strongly consider buying a new plastic gun and invest the savings in a much better aftermarket stock.and the zero has not moved since i bought it new, for a cheap stocked factory rifle it does good. If you don't want plastic they still make them with wood just like they always have. As a rule they tend to be one of the more accurate rifles made. The extractor is a weak design and the bolt handles tend to fall off at times.

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The checkering design was changed around 1973 I think, the older stocks were impressed, and the newer ones cut. You have to watch out with models this old however, (really with any used rifle) because the round count could be way up there, causing throat erosion in the chamber especially with overbore cartridges.

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