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Even if it's just a simulation.-You love stories from romantic visual novels and light novels.-You love romantic visual novels and romantic comics and manga.-You love BL (boyslove/yaoi) games.-You like forbidden love stories that are born in an office.-You really want a boyfriend, master or husband.-You enjoy stories depicting forbidden love.-You get excited just thinking about love triangles, forbidden love stories and R18 materials.Supported language English, French, German Basic Information-Free installation-Free basic play Warning-Uninstalling the app or clearing the cache will reset player data.-This game will not work offline.

It's unpleasant."Recommended for you if...-You enjoy sadistic, egoistical, cool, mysterious hotties and are looking for a game with them as protagonists.-You want a forbidden love story with an ikemen character.-You want a sexy and sadistic boyfriend.-You want a beautiful ikemen to propose to you.-You want an adult otome game to go on adult dates with adult men.-You want to read the whole story without having to worry about in-app purchases.-You want to enjoy a fully-voiced otome game.-You want to play an adult otome game which keywords are: kisses, secrecy, fate, temptation, sexy.-You want to enjoy an otome game without missions and in-app purchases and enjoy a dating sim with beautiful CGs.-You want a drama app that allows you to enjoy a love story with sadistic, egoistical, cool and mysterious ikemen characters.-You want to fall in love with a charismatic celebrity, prince, princess... -You want to enjoy an amazing love story with one of the most popular free otome games.-You want to enjoy a dating game with amazing art.-You want to be chased by ikemen guys in simulation games.-You love romantic manga, novels and dramas.-You are looking for an "adult" otome game.-You are looking for an exciting dating game that allows you to go on exciting dates.-You are looking for an otome game that will allow you to exchange passionate kisses with your boyfriend.-You are perfectly fine with finding a boyfriend, husband or partner for life...Log Log é a parte do jogo responsável por permitir que você veja o texto que já passou, as vezes quando clicamos rápido demais e queremos ler de novo para ter certeza do que vimos, mas nesse jogo o LOG apenas exibe o começo do jogo até o inicio do tutorial.Jogabilidade Posso estar sendo injusta nessa parte, mas comparando com todos os jogos que jogo Dating sim e mesmo com o Nicole que é um Indie curto, e segue o mesmo padrão de estudo e dicas. Isso devido que para conseguir 720 pontos de afeição com um personagem você deve dar presentes como se não houvesse amanha. E se marcar encontro em um dia que tem evento no final do dia na noite, o jogo avisa que você faltou um encontro o que pode te guiar a pequenos problemas, como perca de afeição, e o personagem recusar seus convites. These sexy and handsome talented estheticianswill make your heart warm and your body sweaty..."It's just a massage,but it seems you're enjoying it a lot"Massages, styling, make up, skin care, aroma therapy... Their expert fingertips will make you feel some unknown sensations..."A Slick Romance" Story"Gratia" is a celebrity beauty salon run by handsome ikemen.You, working in a rival salon,decide to spy on them in order to learn the secrets behind a geniusesthetician called "Gold Fingers"...-Read 5 episodes every day for FREE!

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