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Samantha Moore, a 24-year-old from Hertfordshire, has been a seasonal dater for almost a decade and confessed to being single for just one Christmas since the age of 16. By summer, she admits she’s ready to be single again, blaming the hot weather and its synonymously fizzing social scene for her devil-may-care attitude.25-year-old Sian Ryan from Northampton has a similar pattern, claiming that summer “wouldn’t be the same” if she was single. However, some singletons will “cuff” in the hope of landing a more permanent partner.Just like “ghosting” involves no supernatural apparitions; SDD is not a medically-recognised disorder, however, it is no less socially prevalent.

Die drei Online-Redakteure des ECHO sichten den ganzen Tag Nachrichten, erstellen Videos und Fotogalerien, binden Hintergründe ein, twittern und facebooken.Jetzt also der Jahresrückblick der Lieblinge für 2017, wie immer völlig sachlich, freundlich …Weiterlesen Es gibt Wochen, in denen ist Weihnachten. Er klingelt an einer Tür und – wird mit Gebrüll empfangen. Weiterlesen Es gibt Wochen, in denen suchst du Vorbilder. Sie wissen schon, dieser grundsympathische Parteigänger von Donald Trump, der jetzt bei der Senatswahl in Alabama unterlegen war.As winter descends and dark, frosty nights await, the hunt for a yuletide lover begins.We are now knee-deep in “cuffing season,” whereby single men and women search far and wide for a companion to keep them warm and sexually satiated during the chilly months.

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