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That means the user has to be very thoughtful about creating a good profile, whereas other sites make it easier for you to fill in that info without thinking. On top of that, some of the men on the site went to random state schools.This makes sense for an app (most apps only let you write a line about yourself) but not when you’re ostensibly clicking around to try to learn more about other users. People put up photos of things instead of themselves, and many of the photos of the people are oddly professional and formal. That’s fine, but if the whole point of your dating site is to only allow in men who went to top tier schools, stay on brand. Men pay to message but can still keep a profile open for free, so why wouldn’t they shut it down? Do you have a high-enough-status job that I want to continue talking to you? ”Strangers ask each other these seemingly innocent questions all the time at bars, but the underlying meaning is clear: Are you intelligent for me to be interested?Other than that, users can write down their interests and a quick bio line -- streamlined, as an app should be.Users skew toward late 20s/early 30s -- more mature than Tinder, but younger than site like Match or e Harmony.

Moreover, I saw a person on the site with whom I share dozens of Facebook friends, but Sparkology says “0 mutual friends.”They don’t encourage you to put up much info -- just an “About me” (vs.

“It’s less about the school and more about the total package,” she explained to me.

The app is hot, hot, hot right now -- there are more than 100,000 people on the waitlist across the country.

answering questions about interests or hobbies) and you can answer random questions like “Do you like horror movies?

” and see other people’s answers, but that’s about it.

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Well, snobs everywhere can let out a collective sigh.

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