Dating springfield armory 1911

It shoots every time, when you’re out of ammo, it can be used to bludgeon your foe.

The Star Mod30-M is a no frills service pistol that has been relied on for decades.

Carried in a Bianchi paddle-holster, the pistol conceals about as easily as that bumper ding you put on Dad’s car as a teen when you had been specifically forbidden from using the car.

In short; it prints much to easily for paddle-style carry.

This pistol was a gift from an ex-girlfriend’s Dad, who owned two. Elements of the Spanish military as well as Gardia Civil issued the weapon.

The Star Mod30M is the “military” variant of the Star Model 30. The company produced the Star 30M from 1983 – 1994.

While tool-less take-down is nothing new; tool-lees “to parts” disassembly andassembly is deserving of note.

Ergonomics * * * One-half star removed for the grip width, which was “extra-wide” even for a double-stack.

When I first moved to the State of Virginia, I carried this pistol in the months before I purchased a Para Ord Slim-Hawg in .45ACP.

Special Thanks: Ryan Finn for acting as my camera man and pointing out the interesting double-recoil feature Clark Brothers Gun Shop and Range of Warrenton, VA. Stephen Hoober of his extensive research and compilation of historical data for Star firearms.

For generations the most famous name in pistols has been Luger.

One-half star removed for the placement of the thumb safety – up and away from the shooters natural hand positioning.

A full star deducted for the distance between the heel of the pistol and the trigger in double-action mode – a full ½ inch longer than the distance between a standard 1911 GI trigger and the heel of the grip safety (I have “average” hands, and the trigger is just barely under the pad on my pointer finger in double-action mode). It’s been good enough to be a military service pistol for 30 years.

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