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The Moto X Style has started receiving the long awaited Nougat update in Brazil.

The update includes Android 7.0, the May 1st, 2017 Android security patch, video chatting app Duo and some improvements to the stability of the phone.

Enable Mashshare THAN the Network Add-On and all Share buttons become visible again.

(Activating order is important here) You can adjust the style of Mashshare with some very small css snippets.

Be aware of the “green dot” which signalised the accurate working of the APP ID Important is the correct website url your are planning to use the APP ID for!

Per default facebook is creating the share description automatically from the content of the page you like to share.

The update should take about 10 to 15 minutes to get installed on your phone.

Android 7.0 brings an enhanced version of Doze, allowing apps running in the background to be closed in order to save battery life.

There is also no data which goes to my hands that includes any IP or other data.

So from a viewpoint of this networks the new url appears as a new page which has not been shared before. There is no way to get the old share count back, so think about it carefully if it is realy useful to change your site url structure before you do this.

Most times you have more drawbacks than advantages when changing url´s. url= This should result in something like: Go to your website- Adjust width, app ID (or remove it) and url to your needs.

is using public available API services of the social networks which deliver only the number of shares for a specific webpage.

is not able to see who shared anything, only how often.

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