Divorced dad with kids dating

I was basically a housewife — just without the kids.

The loneliness sucked, but the other hard part was that we never discussed my education or my career.

There was some high school drama and we broke up a few times, but as my graduation loomed closer, I knew for sure that we were in it for the long haul — we did everything together, we loved each other's families, and we talked excitedly about our future.

Albert made plans to join the military, and I couldn't imagine not being by his side.

But he kept pulling the money card and said we couldn't afford any of them. When I got married, I thought I'd be married forever.

I'm really family-oriented; Albert and I wanted to start having kids in our early 20s. We literally lived in a desert — there wasn't a speck of grass and we had to travel 45 minutes just to find the nearest restaurant.

Having dated a divorced guy, I can speak from experience of what not to do and the mistakes to avoid if you do decide to go down this path with a divorced guy, especially if they have kids.

I had postponed college and left my family and friends behind at the age of 18 to move across the country in support of my husband's military career, but we couldn't even talk about what I wanted out of life — his focus was on his new life.

I researched certificate programs, where I'd go to school for nine months and become a certified medical assistant, and presented the pros and cons of each one along with how much they'd cost.

That meant that I was alone all day, five days a week — sometimes seven days a week if he had weekend duty. My sister Tara and I talked every day on Face Time.

And even after Albert came home from work, he'd either go to the gym, or he'd be too tired to do anything. I met a few military wives, but they were older and had kids, and I couldn't relate to them. I cleaned the house, went to the commissary on base for cheap groceries, and looked up recipes for tacos and chicken cutlet and salmon.

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