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Gypsy Blanchard revealed to Dr Phil in a prison interview that she regretted her role in her mother Clauddine 'Dee Dee' Blanchard's death, but said she shouldn't have been given so many years because of the abuse she endured as a child.The 24-year-old is currently serving a 10-year sentence after she admitted to planning the murder of her 48-year-old mother who was found stabbed to death in June 2015 in her Springfield, Missouri bed.She would tell me, "Just sit in your wheelchair, play with your Barbie dolls, and let me talk".This continued on even into my 20s.'Gypsy eventually met Nicholas Godejohn on Christian Dating For and started an online relationship for two years.We don't fight.’She said of her childhood: ‘I lived in uncertainty every day because of it and didn’t like the feeling.I made decisions early on that I was going to do everything I could to be in control of myself and my life.’She advises other women looking to balance work and family life to ask their husbands: ‘”What can I do for you?

Via telephone, email or pop-up ads, scammers typically tell their targets that a virus or some other security problem has been detected on their computer and offer to fix it.

For tips about how keep safe from technical-support scammers, consumers can tap into a new Fraud Watch Network Web page at org/Tech Scams.

The site includes detailed descriptions of how fraudsters execute their scams and a list of recommended do’s and don’ts.

Munchausen by proxy is typically considered a severe form of child abuse.

'She said that I had muscular dystrophy,' Gypsy told Dr Phil.'She told me that I couldn't speak during the doctor's appointment.

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