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This made him have an extremely negative view of his mother as a young child.It got to the point that when she came home he clung to Woodhouse and stated he had no mother and said he hated her even though she brought him several gifts when she returned.The list of Archer's possible fathers include Nikolai Jakov, Len Trexler, and Buddy Rich, as well as an unnamed young man who was gunned down in the streets of Italy and had "blue eyes, full lips, and thick wavy hair".Sterling spent the first five years of his life being raised by Woodhouse and only seeing his mother a few times per year, such as on Christmas.Archer states that she came onto him and so it was not his fault.

Woodhouse traded his bar for a boat, sailed Malory and Sterling to Lisbon, got Malory to an OSS safe house, sold the boat, and used the money to take Sterling back to the U. Malory Archer, Sterling's mother, speculates that Sterling was conceived shortly before she participated in Operation Gladio.

One year on Halloween, Archer lost a card game to Malory, losing all of his Halloween candy.

This incident caused Archer to have an extremely negative view on gambling for many years to come.

implying he is at least smart enough to receive a bachelor's degree in an unknown major (although according to his mother, he flunked out of college).

As a young adult, Archer idolized Burt Reynolds, often dressing up as him and continually watching his movies.

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