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Then I found this forum and a few whacks with my hand, escalated to some heavier thumps on the woooden floor (with carpet protection) sorted it. Luckily it bends back but could easily have been avoided. I was on holiday with my bf when the camera woud'nt work.first I thought, what kind of joke FIX is this? Thanks for posting that info.peter reid Sun, 0000 Wow ! baski Mon, 0000 its an miracle....i had to tapp on it first i have started smootly didnt work and then i had to do it more strongly and it just worked....unbeilivable wowwwwwwwwwwmaryam Mon, 0000 THANK YOU A LOT FRIENDS...... I thought I broke this camera that was not even mine. Karla Wed, 0000 Thank you all, especially life saver Maitha. it is really good...chavda Sat, 0000 My DSC-W350 has been collecting dust for 2 years now. I was ready to bin my camera and accept that it was off to buy a new one until i tried a good few bangs on a towel covered table and pulling the lens around a few times. summerrrain Mon, 0000 *That word gengeniut is not supposed to be theresummerrrain Mon, 0000 I got the 'turn off and turn back on' message on my sony cybershot hx1. I was very much frustrated about having to try getting it fixed. just do it when the camera is on guys-for those that didnt make it..will work! i tap the camera sony cybershot dsc-wx1 for around soft tap 12 times and a hard one on the floor. thank you for this Mon, 0400 MAITHAAAAAA........thanks buddyy...seems a great pleasure to thank u....becoz i was stucked with the same problem haappnd my friends camera which i borrewed from save my 3ooo rs.i asked the shop keeper he told me that it wil cost 3000 rs to repair...way after watching ur reply i jst taped it for 7 u so much'Vinu Wed, 0400 Had the same issue with my DSC-W120, tapped it in my hand 4 times and it works fine. THANKS MAITHARich Huber Sun, 0400 Worked for me as well! 10 whacks and it was back...amazing Niels Fri, 0400 Tried whacking it with no luck. Thanks Maitha and all that confirmed it works Jay Fri, 0300 Unbelievable - I tapped and tapped and tapped on my daughter's camera and nothing happened. :-)Kenneth Kamp Sun, 0300 Thank you very much it worked after tapping the camera on the table. I have a DSC-H200, and when I was taking some pics with zoom it all of sudden the lens got struck. So I was just surfing about cameras and has just google'd about fixing of problems. So I've even given it few hard taps with my hand on it's lens but it did not work. so i backed up all my pics first, to make sure i would not lose anything and I BANGED it twice on the table. THE CAMERA WORKD BY TAPPAING THE CAMERA ON TO THE TABLE...... I took the camera to my office, as Sony Workshop is next door. mahalo Fri, 0000 Just tried this and after a load of hitting (but not violent it worked BUT now I havent got a picture! I have a Cyber-Shot 10.1 DSC-N2Patrick Fri, 0000 It was showing turn off power and on again... I decided to send it for repair but wanted to look for solutions online. I hit it a few times, hurt my knees and wrist, but could turn it on again. It still gives me that access message but I just shake it once and it works. I ran across this post while searching for a solution. I then noticed that the image behind the error message was blurry. I hit it up against the palm of my hand about 6x & IT WORKED! whatshapp Tue, 0400 after a hard hit, finally it works : DGimi Mon, 0400 As with everyone else with a tap on the desktop,bingo it worked. Bruce Wed, 0400 I had the same problem with sony dsc-320, sure enough a few bangs on the floor and it's working again. Pretty annoyed I decided to hit it quite a bit harder on my desk, and wow! I do not know if it is a bug from Sony Ibrahim Sun, 0300 Oh.! I have pressed the power makes no difference.. I was really hope less and don't wan't to spend bucks on it. So I've did the same thing in the opposite side(i.e. I tapped it with my hand but no good so two hits on the bench and presto just like new. I followed the advice of hitting it up against my hand and after about a dozen times the lens popped open! Ragan Thu, 0000 I thought I would have to get a new camera, but I wanted to see if there was an easy fix first. I didn't do that, as the water didn't get in, but may be worth remembering. WOW..ternyata dg cara melemparkannya ke meja setinggi 20 cm bisa menghidupkannya lagi.... Luckly I had mine with so we didn't loose any chances at photos but they were still bumed that their camera wasn't working. Peter Thu, 0400 The double medium tap in my hand worked perfectly! SMan Thu, 0400 Me QU1G Thanks again for the article post. i was getting so fed up, decided i'd try a couple more times and noticed the sound of the lens stopped. i am honestly baffled and thankful Kaylinn Wed, 0400 Maitha thanks a lot! And then there's the plus side of not only Maitha's good advice but the very entertaining comments one after another. i turn it off and on again and again but it is still there. Just google, found your reply tapped camera, voila it worked, brilliant. So much cheaper than the 6.50 they would charge to just look at the camera. my cams zoom is not working & error message is appearing ,after taping gently 2times it worked thanxxx manalex baby Mon, 0300 I simply can not believe this thread. One should not have to be banging or hitting the camera to make it work. 4ony doesn't seem to be what it use to Sat, 0300 I had the same problem with my Sony Cybershot DSC-H200. Mike Pfeil Wed, 0400 Took me 180 "taps" (from taps to serious hits on table/shirts/whatever solid). After finding Maitha's posting (via Google), it reminded me of how I'd previously fixed it and I "smacked its bottom" twice. I like the camera to use for impromptu photos so the error was very annoying. Same problem occured during Paris journey from Turkey. Thank you very much Maitha, i was about to strip it down. my camera broke and did this too :( and i banged it for ages and it still didnt work was gutted cos all you guys had been so successful! turn on the camera, and while the lense goes in and out for the third time...2. Thanks for the untraditional, yet very helpful advice! I came across this site and was a little disbelieving, but after reading so many positive reviews, I decided to try it. just fixed my neighbours camera with YOUR tip and made me the best looking handyman on earth :) :) THANKYOUpaul ledingham Thu, 0000 I have never been so happy in my life this actually did the trick and all I did was tap it on my arm. Tiff Mon, 0300 Saya jga punya masalah yg sama pada SONY CYBERSHOT DSC-W35 saya....."TURN OF POWER AND ON POWER AGAIN" Wow... I came across this site and thought I'd try wacking. Tracy Mon, 0400 i was tired of it because it wasnot working tapping many times and hitting on table as well. I looked all over the net trying to find a way to correct that "Camera error please turn off then on..." error message with my NEX 6. I tried tapping it on the table and in my hand to no avail. Double GThu, 0300 Thank you every one for the comments and suggestions. We traditionally solve problems with radio, cd player etc with banging on it. I read your suggestion and tried the "tap" trick and now it works!!

(Fortunately I bought a analog one) When I was seaching the web about the problem, I was already hopeless, because the waranty was over , and I would probably pay a lot of money to fix it. so when i opened it again i put the edge of the knife in the lens to level and turned the power on ... When the power is switched i had to apply all force against my other palm and after solid 2-3mins hitting, caution that is ur camera, it finally worked... thanks so much =)melissa Thu, 0000 Worked for me too!! Thanks Mase Tue, 0000 IT works with my Cybershot DSC-W35!! Tyson Sun, 0000 It works, Thank you very very much ... Hassan Fri, 0000 i didn't work the first time when i hit it against my hand; nor the second time when i hit it on a piece of wood, but the third time (with the camera open)i hit harder against the floor tile and it worked.. thanks a lotalex leutz Tue, 0000 I threw mind on the floor after trying to hit it a few times and it worked!!!!!!!! Anyone know anything else how i could try to fix it? Hit the flat side (on right while viewing front) near lens with palm as the unit powered on. teresa Mon, 0000 It worked (sort-of) for my Sony DSC-W35. I had the same problem with my daughter's DSC-W120. this was the first site i came too and was at the tapping for 10 mins..luck there. Gary Sat, 0000 yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... tapping works.....................Sun, 0000 Yes, it works! I had to hit mine pretty hard like 20 times when it was off, and it turns on and takes pictures again! But thanks to Maithas advice, it is now back on the tracks again! I tried banging it again and again and it still didn't work. Mostly just dirt on the gears and cleaning it out worked just fine. Don't give up if at first you do not have the successes reported above. On the third time , i have hit the LCD side on my left hand biceps hardly . I was really worried about my camera and if i get that to service center guys they might charge atleast half the price of my camera ! Getting the 'turn it off and on again' message, I searched the Internet for possible solution. After taping on the table serveral times - no luck. after two months without my camera i almost gave up on it and bought a new onemarii Wed, 0400 I thought mine would not work anymore as I started tapping it and nothing happened, GOT MAD :/ threw it to the cement on a cardboard box a few times and Boila! Loubenia Wed, 0400 Hhahahahha, worked for me too :) you just have to be patient, hit it until it starts working again : D : D this is great! I hated the thought of buying a new one since im on a budget!!

If so, hold it against a counter or table and push to loosen it. I figure, hey if I break it, either way I would've needed a new camera. : Pnaaren Sat, 0400 Worked on my Cybershot on the 7th table tab!!!!! FUNCIONA Gracias Maithajoaquin Spain Sun, 0400 Pretty simple fix, and worked on a Sony DSC-S2100.

Crystal Mon, 0000 Thank you - hit it with my hand a few times and then the lens came all the way out and now is fine. Well more like 3 or 4 not exactly gentle taps in my hand! Alicia and Jake Sun, 0400 lo he probado en una W120 y...

I had to buy a new one, as I was out of conditions to go deph in the problem. etc) i looked at the lens going in and out and noticed that when it came out it dropped down. MAITHA thanks allot Sash KMon, 0000 I was just getting ready to throw my camera against the wall, found this gave it a couple of good taps on the back and TAAAA DAAAA. I came across this forum randomly and WOW I cannot believe that hitting it against a tabletop worked!!!! Vinh Le Sat, 0000 really this technique works for me too...i tried while the camera was on and popping in and out......thanx to all who originally posted this technique..... but after i pushed in the lense in my hand a few times right after i turned it on, and then banged it twice it worked! Katie Tue, 0000 I have the DSC-W180 10.1 meg camera and i have tried everything hitting and tapping it like everyone else but with no luck. I removed the battery while the lens was popping in and out, no worky. i was literally just about to go to argos and get a new one when i thought i'd give it one last try. Like many of you, I had the same problem and was resolved easily by two taps. My mother always told be if something doesn't work, don't keep banging it. Cameron Tue, 0000 ive just come of my holiday and my camera broke on the first day, ive banged mine a few times after reading this post and it now works fine again, im so annoyed the fix was so simple after spending a week of my holiday with no camera! mine suddenly stopped working at Disneyland 2 weeks ago couldn't take anymore pictures was soooo mad!!! Kyle Wed, 0000 My daughter got herself a Cybershot a few months ago, and now she got this awfully annoying error message. So I figured what the heck I'll try it and of course it did not work. Thanx Photo Miki Thu, 0400 I had the same "turn power off and on" message error and worked it out myself. anonymous Tue, 0400 And it worked in Holland too! It will display "CYBER SHOT " and lens will come out and IN multiple times (3 times ).4. im abroad in South America, on my way to Colombia and Machu Pichu, I went to a concert and all of a sudden the camera gave me the message, missed out on some photos last night because of the problem!

I had the same problem, I was traveling on vocation , and the machine sunddely stoped working with the same symtoms. I DID THIS FOR ABOUT A MINUTE THEN TURNED THE CAMERA BACK ON , STILL HAD THE ACCESS MESSAGE AND THE LENS WAS MOVING IN AND OUT THAT'S WHEN I HIT THE CAMERA ON THE BOTTOM ON THE TABLE WITH A DISH TOWEL ON THE TABLE FARELY HARD AND ON THE THIRD HIT SINCE THE CAMERA WAS ON I COULD SEE THE IMAGE OF THE ROOM ON THE SCREEN. I THINK (SIBU V) IS CORRECT IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH LENS BEEING OUT OF ALIGNMENT. EDWed, 0000 after reading comments on the internet and finding nothing was working (dropping it, hitting it, tapping, blowing into the lens.. Sophie Mon, 0000 Worked for us, but it only responded to a female tap -- fairly firm whack on a granite couter top -- how bizarre Louie Fri, 0000 I was so stressed out about my camera (paid 250 for it) when the message "turn power on/off" came on and refused to go away! BTW, I tried hitting the camera when it was on and off but it worked when the camera was off. Grant Sun, 0000 my camera has been doing this for5 months and was eventually abandoned in my drawer. Connie Tue, 0000 What a large amount of success stories for one entry dating back to 2007 and still holds to be an ultimate solution! Mark Fri, 0000 I kept banging and banging it in the open position from several different angles and after maybe 50 bangs, it began to work. Don't think I will tell my husband what I did to the camera...... I've tried EVERYTHING icluding the "reset button" and have been extremely frustrated because NOTHING has worked. I decided to look up the problem online one more time and found this sight which said to tap the camera twice.

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thanks Fernando Mon, 0000 maitha...technique actually worked lol..u! thanksethan Fri, 0000 I can't believe the whacking technique really worked. I was going to go out and purchase a new camera and now I don't have to. then camera lenses get jammed & showwing message "turn off & ON camera". each time the lense came out further and now is working great. I also tried pulling the lens out a little, nudge it to both sides and up and down, tap it while it's ON and also OFF. malcolm Thu, 0300 Bought a 3 year old broken DSC W150 in good shape but with the dreaded "turn the power off and on again"Slid 1/2" slip of paper around the inner lens that would not extend to clean out sand? All fixed.fakejake Fri, 0300 I can't believe it either!!! FYI- I tapped the base of the Sony HX1 camera and nothing,also the sides and top-nothing... Even it was expensive to repair in this europen country. Anyway, I ran across your site and whacked it 3 times on my hand 3 different times and now it works! I did not do it hard, only firm, with my hand supporting the whole lens. Then I tapped really hard on the table (with two intervening placemats and it worked! Howard Schwartz Mon, 0400 yes - this worked for me too - thanks so muchjerry Wed, 0400 I got my camera when I was maybe 13 or 14 years old, so i've had it for 5 years. Matt Thu, 0400 After four months without my camera and many failed Google searches, I was about to take it to best buy. That did it for me, even though i tried to tap it id dint work. I tried tapping it from all angles, tapping it against a table, tapping it against my palm, tapping it hard, tapping it lightly, etc. After reading thing loooong post finally tried and it worked!! I tapped in table and then in palm gently several times. In my opinion what it does is shaking the bettery so it gets disconnnected and reconnected. A self-protection so you won't screw the camera up Wayne Haamilton Fri, -0700 Thanks Maitha , Your instruction worked for me too. It seems to be working again as though nothing happened. When he returned my Panasonic HDC-SDT750 it kept giving the dreaded 'turn off and on gain message.' I was thinking was it was most likely due to misuse and had devised a line to .

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