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"If Meghan and Prince Harry get married, we will most likely see her take on roles at public events as well," Meier shared."Like the Duchess of Cambridge, many members of the royal family choose to take on an assortment of royal patronages." As for royal etiquette training, that probably wouldn't take place until their engagement or marriage.“We feel so happy and so excited,” the couple told shortly after exchanging vows in a ceremony Duggar described as “surreal.” Due to the VERY strict Duggar dating rules, members of this controversial family are scarcely permitted to make any physical contact when dating. Obviously they can't have sexual relations until they are married...but once the wedding rings are on those fingers, look out!Does she have immediate plans to become a mother early in life, as her own mother did? "We love kids and we’re excited to have a family," the couple said a few weeks back, adding that the sky is the limit: "We’re just going to see what the Lord does.You've found the person you love, picked a wedding venue, and selected a date.These episodes are typically filmed months ahead of time, which raises a key question when it comes to the following clip: Did Joy-Anna and Austin just violate a major rule of Duggar courtship in the June 19 episode, filmed late last year!?

"Thank you to all for your prayers and encouragement!

(But can Joy-Anna wear pants like a regular human being?

The answer to that hilariously/tragically/actually remains unknown.) that airs on Monday night.

Instead, it's up to the royal to make a judgment call.

But even though Prince Harry isn't breaking any rules, "it is rare for a unmarried member of the royal family to show PDA at a public event, and it is likely a sign that his relationship with Meghan is as serious as it could be without being engaged.

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