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S.” “Usually it takes from 10-15 days to arrive to destination.” “Your letters and gifts will be delivered directly to the Latin ladies of your choice within 10-14 days!?” “Our best advice is to be patient.” You can deal with the others´ South American concept of time, Siestaville, or our American standards for speed and ease.It will be impossible for you to be considered “plain.” “Most women in the marriage agency are in college or have a degree.” “Most of the Latin ladies you will meet in our website are well educated.” “Over 90% of the Colombian girls you will meet are college educated.” “Colombian women are well educated and most are financially independent.” “Colombians are the most educated people in Latin America.” “The earning power of a Colombian wife is very good.” While many Colombian women have a good work ethic and learn responsibilities early in life, you should anticipate one to two years of full financial support for your Colombian bride while she improves her English and adjusts to life in the United States.You should have a clear understanding of what both your economic roles will be.The United States and Canadian embassies look for indicators that show the visitor intends on returning to her home country.This could include property, a professional job, or children; that is, significant responsibilities and commitments that would indicate a likely return trip.Your first letter should be friendly and confident. Expand on what you do, where you live, and your interests and goals.

“If you have not received satisfactory responses, within a reasonable time, (60 days) please let us know.” “It usually takes between 7 to 10 days to get a letter there and 8 to 11 days to send a reply back to the U.As a hands-on, on-site owner, I personally make sure our introduction services and results significantly exceed what you would get from other Latin marriage agencies.You receive a high value return on a lifetime decision, a wonderful Latin wife. It can be more affordable than dating someone for the same equivalent period in the United States, yet you will get a better return.Her university degree would not be equivalent to a like degree in the United States, nor would her university credits be transferable. These are the conditions that present opportunities unavailable to you in the United States. “Fruit basket with seasonal and exotic fruits .” “A bouquet of eleven long stem red roses .” “Floral arrangement 0.” “23 roses 5.” “Surprise your lady with a serenade 0.” “101 red roses beautifully arranged 9.” Mail Order Bride agencies will encourage you to purchase overpriced gifts on their website. We recommend that you do not buy gifts unless you feel there are promising possibilities with someone special you have dated. Latin American women are not materialistic; your focused attention is the best gift you can give her.For example, a Colombian with a nursing degree from Colombia would have to start from the beginning to pursue the same nursing career in the United States. While Colombian women are not looking to jump the boat, because they know of no other conditions, they are however receptive to exploring a long-range romance leading to marriage. Yes, they want a better life and brighter future, as do you, but not without the romance and passion from a good, loving, respectful husband. When it becomes appropriate for gifts we can help you and suggest what is practical and beneficial for your situation.

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Most Latin American women live in conditions that you would not find acceptable.

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