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After you talked to every one, you have to fly back to Twinleaf town. Then she will give you aan gracidea flower key item use it on shaymin it only can use it between 400am-700pm. These are all event Pokemon: Manaphy- Get the egg from Pokemon Ranger series Darkrai- Get from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, or get the event members pass. Then Dialga and Palkia will pop up out of no where.

Talk to your mom and if she says, YOUR POKEMON DON'T WORK FOR THEM SELFS, THEY WORK FOR YOU. Since mews are rare it'll take a long time for it to appear. To change rotom into a different form you must have a rotom and the secret key. Make him weak[I call dialga a he and palkia a she]and use as many turns as possible. Arceus- Getfrom the 12th Movie, or get the event Azure Flute Shaymin Land Forme- Get from 10th Movie, or get the event Oaks letter. Then Giratina will leave and go back into distortion world.

Another really good combo- Pokemon: Tangrowth This is what to do. Once you have enterred the cave go run around in it until you find a Gible. Get through iron island and next to the entrance there's a little cave. Once you're ready, talk to the pokemon statue and Registeel pops out! Get his health down and use all the dusk balls you can! to get Regice, do everything that you did to get Registeel, except Regice is in a different place. You'll have to have gotten to snowpoint city to get Regice.Walk Up To it and read it - It has a message that is Messed Up. First you go to Twinleaf town and use surf in that little lake. First to get Riolu you need to go to this island talk to the guy in the entrance and guide him to the last elevator then he"ll give you an egg (and don't forget to leave room in your inventory) hatch it and there you go you have a riolu (it will evolve into Lucario at good friendship level for me it was at lvl 32 or 34.Then you fly to Snowpoint city and talk to every one. To get shaymin in sky form you need to go to floaroma town and talk to a lady near the pokecenter. Then he will have Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf come out and form a portal to the distortion world then a shadow will come out of portal then fling mud all over.Go in it and you'll see Registeel's eye pattern flashing red. Go down to route 216 and then go down towards eterna city, and celestic town. Go inside and near the beginning of the cave, there's another cave. Step on every one and there will be a loud, RUMBLE! Once you're prepared to battle, talk to the pokemon statue and battle Regice. To go underground, you first need an explorers kit. All right you need to have a golbat/crobat/staravia a kadabra/alakazam/porygon/porygon2 or Z and a monferno.I have no tips on battling the Regi's, except for: Mesprit's extrasensory is good on them! To get an Explorers kit, talk to a man in Eterna City. When you get the last gym badge, get Waterfall and go to Mt. First maylene will send out meditite use wing attack/ aerial ace it should die next machoke switch to kadabra or such.

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(scary I know) #2: Down Stairs In the kitchen no more waiting for ghosts an old man will appear instantly and will disappear.

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