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Brazilian law prevents Brazilian citizens from being extradited.But there's a big twist in this story that raised questions of international law and brought the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Brazil. Could she still be protected from extradition under Brazilian law? "We knew it wasn't gonna be easy," Paul Hoerig tells Moriarty.I was married and Chris was getting married, Casey was getting married, John was getting married.So, in 2005, when Karl met a woman who looked a lot like Carla, he moved quickly, says Chris Swegan."The way I found out was my oldest brother called and told me.He just said, 'Karl's dead.' As soon as he said 'Karl's dead,' I already knew who did it. By the time Karl Hoerig's body was found, Claudia had allegedly emptied their bank account and was back in her homeland, Brazil.Then came a woman named Carla del Castillo, who Paul says his brother fell for hard.Paul Hoerig: [looking at photo album] Carla was really nice.

Gary Dodge | Karl's close friend: He'd had about three or four dates a week with different girls … Gary Dodge: Every time we were -- we would do something socially, he would be with somebody different.was found shot dead in his Newton Falls, Ohio, home in March 2007.His family and friends immediately suspected his second wife, Claudia.In early 2007, she summoned the Hoerig family to what she called "an emergency meeting" to complain about the couple's marriage. …And we were, like, "Well, that's just part of being an adult. Two days later, he was scheduled to be at the military base for reserve duty. So Dodge called police and arranged for Karl's father to let them inside when no one came to the door. Eva Snowden: I knew it -- I just knew it had to be her 'cause not a single person ever said anything bad about him. Erin Moriarty: So, in fact, it looks like Paul, you're shaking some trees. Erin Moriarty: And lighting some fires just like you'd hoped. And prison sentences here are far less restrictive than in the U. Even for crimes like murder, inmates face a maximum of 30 years and they can reduce their prison time by working or even studying. …It was an opportunity to clear the air on some old issues.Paul Hoerig: He wanted her to help out with the house cleaning and the cooking … That's just what you do."…And Karl was just sittin' there … Then just a month before Karl was killed, Claudia called her stepdaughter. Just goodbye." Eva would learn that soon after they spoke, Claudia was in a single car accident. When he didn't show up for a flight, his friends began to worry. John Boccieri: Never missed—Erin Moriarty: Has he ever missed a flight? Gary Dodge: At that point, I'm on the phone with the police officer. So that's when I knew that, uh oh, you know, something's definitely wrong. Gary Dodge: (Emotional) Go to the next -- (uncomfortable laugh) -- yeah, I -- that was tough. Paul Hoerig: It appears if he was sitting on the steps, tying his shoes, trying to leave. Paul Hoerig: It's hard to believe It's all beginning to add up to Paul. Paul Hoerig: it would not be fair and that definitely would not be justice. Erin Moriarty: What basically have you learned that you didn't know before you came here? And the future looks extremely positive and cooperative.

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