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We understood that the tickets cost more than 0 and we reimbursed them for the tickets.I learned a few days after the play that they had received their tickets completely free — as a promotion.Sometimes the conversation strays toward topics (for instance, the emotions that this work wakes within us) that are not so common in a workplace.DEAR WORRIED: The first thought of someone being sexually harassed is often that it is their fault. I’m going to guess that your work is rewarding, but possibly stressful, and emotionally (and perhaps physically) taxing.It’s starting to feel awkward, because one of those two women is the same age as my daughter (20).I like to interact and talk with people, but sometimes I feel that the conversation has gone too far; it feels that there is something more going on.When this happens, you should start by drawing a distinct boundary, physically moving to another area, and simply asking the person to stop doing what they are doing: “Um … I don’t like it.” If this behavior continues, and/or gets worse, you should kick it upstairs to a manager.DEAR AMY: My husband and I were recently invited by another couple to go to see a play with them.

In a group meeting one employee rubbed her leg against mine for a while, and at another, one woman leaned into me, touched my shoulder and back, and whispered some completely unimportant things in my ear (and so on).They should not be basically reselling tickets they’ve received as part of a promotion.You should contact your friend, and ask why you were asked to reimburse them for tickets they’d gotten for free.Every time a plum assignment came up, it was the manager's friend who usually got the opportunity to take it on.The manager didn't make the choice Even if the "outside" employee is legitimately not doing well and you have to mention it to him, do you not think some part of him is going to blame your closeness with the others on your perception of him?

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  1. She likes to laugh and also has the ability to discuss serious topics. Last, but certainly not least, she is “easy on the eyes,” as you suggested. Attentive, helpful, and perhaps most importantly, encouraging.

  2. Worst: Blair and Dan Yes, they're the two smartest members of the crew who share pretentious tastes in literature and old movies and love/hate feelings towards Serena. He's obsessed with waffles, the only carb she touches is vodka.