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The attitude of the Aries Moon is restless and risk-taking.The Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon combination produces a realist with only marginal interest in generalizations and/or abstractions. Ambition is vividly marked in the nature of these individuals and there is little feeling for right, wrong, justice, philosophy…or any other intangibles…unless they touch such natives, or people in whom these natives are interested.They are tactful and considerate of others in a general sense, but their goals are usually quite clear.This is a combination that blends the emotional force, power of will and determination inherent in Scorpio with the stable and practical nature of Taurus.In short, an understanding nature is not their special gift since they are rather shrewd and hard-headed in demeanor.Still, these individuals do possess an effervescent personality and are never ones to run away from a fight.Famous Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon Personalities * Edward Asner * Lisa Bonet * Richard Dreyfuss * Michael Dukakis * Tonya Harding * * Warren G.

These are souls whose constant struggle for accomplishment often causes problems with tension.

Famous Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon Personalities * Charles, Prince of Wales * John Clees * Linda Evans * Sally Field * Bill Gates * Larry Holmes * Calvin Klein * Martin Luther * Burgess Meredith * Dermot Mulroney * Joaquin Phoenix * Doris Roberts * Meg Ryan * Mc Lean Stevenson * The Taurus Moon is a positive and practical Moon.

This Moon possesses a sharp artistic sense but is deliberate in reaching decisions.

In astrology, the Moon is indicative of personality, individuality and the unconscious.

It represents instinctive reactions and the side of an individual that will respond to a given situation without prior thought or consideration.

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