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Romancing Ahnassi v .99Hello and yes, Ahnassi has moved to Cyrodil and is alone and looking for friends.

Features: -A new player house -A full storyline -A companion who will travel with you -Ability to change companion equipment -Puchaseable horse for companion.

-A spell to call her if she gets lost/trapped or just in case your halfway cross the world and you need her -Randomized conversations based on what your doing Quests: Quest 1: Skooma Problems (Est Quest time: 5-10 mins)Quest 2: No Place Like Home(Est Quest time: 5-10 mins)Quest 3: ???

A: Thats because you have to be somewhat near her horse to tell her to get on it, or she won't know where to go.

Q: I am a female char but I want to have both story endings...

After your finished with the quests she will become a full companion, willing to help you with whatever you need to do.

Also she will have special things to do in specific occasions.

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(Not saying)(Est Quest time: 5 mins-10 hours)Quest 4: Ahnassi's Adventure(Est Quest time: 10- 20 mins)Quest 5: ???

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