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How do I easily add Html Encoding to output this way? NET 2.0 project, so I'm using the newer data binding shortcuts (e.g. Text" that grabs the value back out from where it was bound. NET has to parse Bind() statements, two-way databinding doesn’t support anything other than Bind().

But automatic encoding is NOT the case for a label for instance.

Although you can also use In my case I was forced to use the "Bind" method on mi Edit Item Template's Text Box because needed the data to be accessible in the New Values array at the item_Updating event handling.

However, I'd like to safely Html Encode text that is displayed as we do allow special characters in certain fields. NET parses the code and detects a Bind() statement, it splits the statement into two parts.

This is a cinch to do with standard Bound Fields, as I just set Html Encode to true. NET parses your file and sees you're using it generates some special code for it. The first part is the one-way databinding portion, which ends up being just a regular Eval() call.

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