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When you build a war file to get deployed on Tomcat, the war file will include the compile-time libraries that have been checked "Package" in WEB-INF/lib.To see this after building your project, switch from the Project window to the File window, and browse to the build folder: Project Name-Project Both should have a copy of the My SQL driver jar.HQL is fully object oriented and understands inheritance, polymorphism and association.Using it will provide a very powerful and flexible API yet preserving your application to be database agnostic.The easiest way to perform database queries is through dynamic finders. Check my previous post for a tutorial on this topic. It may not be suitable for complex requirements and cases where the developer needs a lower level of control.HQL is a very good alternative as it is very similar to SQL.Each item is a list that corresponds to the value as enumerated in the select clause.The code can also be written like this to help visualize the data structure: This will print all ages found in the table and how many people have that age, provided that there are more than 1 person in the age group. Here is a code sample on how to do that: def list Page1 = Person.execute Query("from Person order by id", [offset:0, max:10]) def list Page2 = Person.execute Query("from Person order by id", [offset:10, max:10]) def list Page3 = Person.execute Query("from Person order by id", [offset:20, max:10]) GORM/Hibernate will translate the paging information to it's proper SQL syntax depending on the database.

The generic JNDI usage and example for Tomcat 6 connection pools can be found here: A more complete Howto can be found here: Data Sources 4.

In this section, we will learn how to use execute Update() method in your JPA application.

To use execute Update() method in your jpa application for executing a jpa UPDATE/DELETE query.

Your error messages should show up in one of the Tomcat logs.

If you started Tomcat up from Net Beans, you'll see a separate Tomcat log window (tab in the Output window) with errors. If you started Tomcat up manually, you'll have to go to CATALINA_HOME/logs (I don't know if you are on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux) to view the errors. A couple of comments on your code, although I know you're just now writing test code. Verify user input outside the servlet Gather up the user input, and then use a validation class.

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Table; /** * @author Administrator * */ @Entity @Table(name="student") public class Student /** * */ package roseindia; import javax.persistence.

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