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It’s all in good fun, but the information is accurate. Decorating with holly (and ivy) is an ancient pagan tradition (1) and was used by the Romans to decorate at Saturnalia celebrations. Thus while some outward rejoicings are preserved, they will be able more easily to share in inward rejoicings. .”: Holly and Ivy are most certainly Pagan Traditions, but to be fair, if you are looking to decorate in December with greenery your choices are pretty limited.Like most plants (or trees) on this list early Christians were well aware of the pagan origins of decorating with holly. It is doubtless impossible to cut everything at once from their stubborn minds . Mistletoe: Mistletoe was a popular decoration at Roman winter festivals and is probably better known for killing Balder in Norse Mythology (darn Loki!Pope Gregory the Great even encouraged the continuation of some pagan traditions. ) and as an alleged sacred plant of the Druids if Pliny the Elder is to be believed.

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Decorating with holly doesn’t suddenly make one a Pagan, nor does using the word Christmas make one a Christian.

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