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Ivan Day working in the Harewood kitchen - click the picture to visit the Harewood Website First, bone a turkey, a goose, a brace of young pheasants, four partridges, four woodcocks, a dozen snipes, four grouse, and four widgeons; then boil and trim a small York ham and two tongues.

Season and garnish the inside of the fore-named game and poultry, asdirected in the foregoing case, with long fillets of fat bacon and tongue, and French truffles; each must be carefully sewn up with a needle and small twine, so as to prevent the force-meat from escaping while they are being baked.

Make about sixteen pounds of hot-water-paste, and use it to raise a pie of sufficient dimensions to admit of its holding the game and poultry prepared for the purpose, for making which follow the directions contained in the foregomg article.

The inside of the pie must first be lined with thin layers of fat bacon, over which spread a coating of well-seasoned force-meat of fat; the birds should then be placed in the following order :—First, put the goose at the bottom with some of the small birds round it, filling up the cavities with some of the force-meat; then, put the turkey and the pheasants with thick slices of the boiled ham between them, reserving the woodcocks and widgeons, that these may be placed on the top: fill the cavities with force-meat and truffles, and cover the whole with thin layers of fat bacon, run a little plain melted butter over the surface, cover the pie in the usual manner, and ornament it with a bold design. each of stoned raisins and well-washed currants, a half lb. Add sufficient cider to moisten and also brandy to give it a flavour.

The pie must now be baked, for about six hours, in an oven moderately heated, and when taken out, and after the reduced aspic above alluded to has been poured into it, stop the hole up with a small piece of paste, and set it aside in the larder to become cold. each of finely-chopped candied citron and orange-peels, the grated yellow rinds of three lemons together with the juice, season with powdered cloves, cinnamon, mace, and grated nutmeg, using about quarter an oz. Cut two stale penny rolls into slices about a quarter inch thick; butter a pudding basin and line the bottom with a thin layer of Mincemeat, dip a few of the slices of roll in milk, then lay them on the Mincemeat; put in another layer of Mincemeat, then slices of roll dipped in milk, and so on until the basin is full.

Note.—The quantity of game, &c., recommended to be used in the preparation of the foregoing pie may appear extravagant enough, but it is to be remembered that these very large pies are mostly in request at Christmas time. Beat four eggs in pint of milk, sweeten to taste with caster sugar, and pour it over the contents of the pudding-basin.

In the meantime prepare the following sauce: Put the yolks of six eggs in a small lined saucepan with 6 tablespoonfuls of caster sugar, and beat them well, then mix in a pint of white wine. All the guests have to do is remove the ribbons - no skin, no husks!

From: Charles Elme Francatelli, Peel, core, and chop fine 5lb. More boiling water should be poured into the saucepan as the quantity diminishes, but care should he taken that it does not enter the basin. The pineapple, melon and walnuts have all been cut and prepared for eating.We know very little about the origins of this man, but it is recorded that he won a number of important awards for his culinary achievements, including a gold medal at the in 1887.The standards he expected were of the very highest.Hot dog variants include the corn dog and pig in a blanket.The hot dog's cultural traditions include the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

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