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Because our town celebrates Earth Day, this is the time of year that my Mom makes her big push to surpass how many bottles and cans she collected in previous years.Competing in track and swimming in high school, her competitiveness manifests itself in her Earth Day recycling spirit.If he's alive, it sucks that he never tried to contact me.I would have liked to have met him and to know something about him that relates to me, who I am and why I am.Then, she grabs me and we fall back on my bed with her tickling me and me holding her.Sometimes, when she tickles me, her hand brushes by my cock and I so wish she'd take my cock in her hand and stroke me, but she never does.Even though it was exciting at the time for her to see my cock, I was embarrassed later. Even though I knew it was wrong, the feeling I had exposing myself to my Mom and/or masturbating over her exposing herself to me, was exciting.If only she knew it was her I was masturbating over, I wonder if she'd be grossed out or flattered? One time, I unloaded, just as she walked in my bedroom to ask me what I wanted for breakfast.

After she tickles me, we stay like that for a little while, that is, until my cock starts pulsating against her and ruins the whole thing.

Yet, maybe because she doesn't have a man in her life, other than me, during the period in her life that she's the most hormonally sexual, I think she's overcompensating for her sexual frustration by trying to recycle the planet. It doesn't take much to get me going, just a hug, especially when she's in her nightgown and wearing nothing underneath and I'm in my pajama bottoms without underwear.

Overloaded with testosterone, it's just a hormonal thing more than it is an incestuous thing but, just the feel of her breasts pressed against me, while hugging me, is enough to give me an erection.

My Dad disappeared soon after he discovered my Mom was pregnant with me. He may be dead or married with children and living life in a different part of the country or the world for all we know.

* Mom hurts back dumpster diving, while collecting bottles and cans for Earth Day recycling drive. Now that she's 39-years-old, I'll be twenty-one in a couple of months.

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