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If sex goes really very deep, so that you forget yourself completely in it, you can even have a glimpse of the third through it.And if sex becomes a total orgasmic experience, there are rare moments when you can even have a glimpse of the fourth, the turiya, the beyond, through it."But if sex fails, then many perversions happen to the mind. Hatred is a failure of sex, a failure of love energy.Wherever there is life, aliveness, sex is the source.""Psychologists say that love is nothing but a foreplay to sex.They are right – because they have no other specimen to study."Holding the hand of your woman or man, why not sit silently? Feel the presence of the other, enter into the presence of the other, let the other's presence enter into you; vibrate together, sway together; if suddenly a great energy possesses you, dance together – and you will reach to such orgasmic peaks of joy as you have never known before.Those orgasmic peaks have nothing to do with sex, in fact they have much to do with silence."And if you can also manage to become meditative in your sex life, if you can be silent while making love, in a kind of dance, you will be surprised.

Then it is beautiful; then it is no longer of the animal world.

They study you and then they come to conclude that love is nothing but a foreplay – just creating a situation in which sex can happen, nothing else. It is just like when you feel hungry you gravitate toward food and look at food with enchanted eyes.

But when your hunger is satiated, you look away from the food.

Sex divides, and when love goes deeper and deeper and unites more and more, there is no need for sex.

Your inner energies can meet without sex, and you live in such a unity.""People who are afraid of love are not afraid of sex.

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Then something of the beyond has already entered, and if you go on loving a person deeply, by and by sex disappears.

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