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Secondly, says Clark Howell of UC Berkeley, "the fossils are unmistakably non Neanderthal and show that (modern) humans had evolved in Africa long before the European Neanderthals disappeared.They demonstrate conclusively that there was never a Neanderthal stage in human evolution." The fossils come from Herto village in the middle Awash area of Ethiopia about 140 miles north-east of Addis Ababa - one of the world’s richest hunting grounds for palaeontologists.Associated volcanic sediments were dated by a reliable isotope method to 160,000 years, while archaeological layers showed evidence of the butchery of big game such a hippopotamus and a range of stone axes and other tools.It remains unclear, however, whether the evolution of Homo sapiens occurred rapidly in only one region of Africa or was a more widespread and gradual process across the continent.The discovery, described today in the journal Nature, fills a big gap in the human fossil record; the absence of accurately dated hominid remains in Africa between 120,000 and 300,000 years ago.Is Homo floresiensis a dwarf Homo erectus, the product of local evolution that has taken place over a period of at least 840,000 years in a confined habitat?Rather, it is considered an extinct close evolutionary "cousin" to the direct ancestors.

Collateral ancestors are relatives like cousins in genealogies in which they are not in your direct line of descent but do share a common ancestor (in this case it is a grandparent).The Limnoscelis was originally described as a "cotylosaur" (early reptiles) together with the other diadectomorphans.Today the large-bodied diadectomorphs are thought to have had a larval stage, falling close to, but just outside the amphibian/reptile divide.A large, dorso-ventrally flattened predatory fish with a well armoured labyrinthodont-like skull.While the fins themselves has not been found, the shoulder girdle is essentially similar to that of Acanthostega, indicating it too had feet rather than fins.

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