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So it is crucial that people learn how to raise self esteem if they want to lead a happy and healthy life.There are many different things that can cause a person to have a low self-esteem, a bad image of themselves, and an awful sense of their own worth: The list can go on and on – these are just a few of the main causes…Also, you may notice a distinct pattern in them – most of these involve other people!We also know that high self-esteem and self respect is absolutely crucial if you want to become someone who is naturally attractive to women, and a likable person in general.But building confidence and overcoming low self-esteem is not a very easy thing to do, especially if you’re someone who’s currently socially awkward and hasn’t had much success with girls lately.That person derives his self worth from within, and is not affected by external things, especially those that he can’t control.It’s when we feel and think that we are unworthy as a human being, and that there must be something wrong with us.

As a result, people just wing it – they improvise as they go along, and the majority end up developing lackluster social skills and fail at interacting with other people the right way…And that’s what puts many individuals on the fast track to low self-esteem land!So, when people don’t get what they want – they have to somehow cope with it.You can see this effect most profoundly at certain stages of a person’s life, particularly to individuals of certain ages when they experience radical shifts in their thinking, and are forced to socialize with others.And with high confidence in your abilities and decent level of respect for yourself comes self-love, a high sense of self-worth, and a healthy self-image.All of these things combined make a person confident and secure in himself.

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