Iphoto albums not updating on iphone

You can even upload files via the web interface from compatible browsers.

On mac OS, some apps will suggest i Cloud Drive as the default saving location for documents. If you want to save or load to i Cloud, make sure you specify it in the app you are using.

If you want to use i Cloud Photo Library or have cloud-based backups then you’ll need to buy more storage, and anything left over will give you some room to move. Do you have any more questions about the technology?

If you’re already confused then you don’t need to be.

Here’s what i Cloud Drive is, what makes it different to Apple’s other services, and how to access it on your i Phone, Mac, Windows, and even Android device So i Cloud Drive is only one part of the larger i Cloud ecosystem, and it most closely resembles the bog-standard folder format used by nearly every other cloud storage provider.

On a Mac, you can quickly move files to i Cloud Drive simply by selecting the right option from the document title dropdown box (pictured below).

When using an i OS app, you’ll have to look for the i Cloud option when saving or loading.

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