Is audrey kitching dating brendon urie

Pete Wentz ( PM): Yeah sounds good kind of like patrick Pete Wentz ( PM): I like it Ryan Ross ( PM): yeah thats the only thing we get that alot. we like your band but we dont want to sound like you guys, or be compared to fob all the time you know?

but yeah he is aware that kids say he sounds like patrick so he’s just trying different vocal stuff sometimes.

Ryan Ross ( PM): no its full time Ryan Ross ( PM): well aside from school.

which sucks Ryan Ross ( PM): but we want to do this Pete Wentz ( PM): When are those kids out of school Ryan Ross ( PM): the drummer and bass player are graduating early. But they are fbr strictly gym class and I am looking for another Pete Wentz ( PM): The cool thing about it is I just met with waner and they want both of the bands and to give me an imprint Ryan Ross ( PM): oh cool i like the academy alot, oh i see yea i was going to ask you about tha Pete Wentz ( PM): Which pretty much means a lot more money to promote cool artists Pete Wentz ( PM): You guys plays out a lot? actually no we just kind of started this thing up a few months ago, the show in victorville is going to be our first one Pete Wentz ( PM): Really Pete Wentz ( PM): Interesting Pete Wentz ( PM): How much do you guys practice Ryan Ross ( PM): we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do this stuff live, and we’ve been having a hard time on figuring out how to make it sound good.

and those are the first 4 songs we’ve written as a band. v=3do Sx8n7IP4&feature=player_embedded They also did this interview https://Pete Wentz ( PM): Sometimes Ryan Ross ( PM): okay, i was just wondering if this was your email incase you arent on i’ll just send them Pete Wentz ( PM): Yeah send it here for sure Ryan Ross ( PM): okay Ryan Ross ( PM): dude this better not be a joke, it better be you Pete Wentz ( PM): It is Pete Wentz ( PM): But there are a lot of fakers out there Ryan Ross ( PM): okay.yeah i know someone has shown me like fake journals of you and stuff.which is fine but then some kids like it cause its a little different i guess Pete Wentz ( PM): Can that kid sing live?Ryan Ross ( PM): yeah, he’s been taking voice lessons for a little bit so thats starting to help him Pete Wentz ( PM): Is he on?

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thats creepy Ryan Ross ( PM): thats why i asked if it was you for sure Pete Wentz ( PM): This guy who is iming me is your manager Ryan Ross ( PM): is it xxxtoughffxxx ?

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