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Enough time for us to get settled in before they arrive, enough time for them to get settled in before the drawing," Hermione answered.She had studied the schedule of the new term extensively as soon as she had heard that the next Triwizard Tournament would be held there. The tasks are too dangerous and challenging for a 4th year student."That wasn't exactly the real reason, Hermione knew.Most wizards apparated, flooed and portkeyed around. She noticed that no red hair was covering Ron's new robes.Decent ones too, high quality enchantments, but subtly done - a far cry from his first set of new robes last year, bought right after the gold from 'Baiting the Basilisk' had arrived.

He'd have a better chance of winning if he entered in three years, with three more years at Hogwarts under his belt.Pansy probably thought he was smiling at her, the foolish girl.Though while she was not the brightest witch of her generation, far from it if he was honest, even though he'd never admit that in front of his peers, she was quite attractive. She never contradicted him and always supported him.They had missed the last one; it had been held at Durmstrang during their first year. The tasks were traditionally not more dangerous than a professional Quidditch match - there was a high probability of participants getting hurt, but very few deaths occured.In three years, Beauxbatons would be hosting it."Are you entering your name for the drawing, mate? She had expected him to start talking about Krum, who would be arriving with the students from Durmstrang. That hadn't been the case when the tournament started, of course. But if Harry entered his name as a mere 4th year he was likely to be seen as reckless, arrogant, or flighty.

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