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The election of Barack Obama, whose father was black and whose mother was white, highlighted the subject of interracial marriage. two years ago, 6 percent of black people who married, married a white person, as opposed to 10 percent in Israel.

Masfin, who immigrated from Ethiopia in 1986, is married to a woman who is not Ethiopian, whom he met while the two were students at Bar-Ilan University.(Moabites were descendants of Lot, Abraham's nephew, not Canaanite.) In several places in the Tanakh, there are relations which obviously were intermarriages - for examples, King David is described as marrying the daughter of the king of Geshur, In any case, after the Babylonian Captivity disquiet seems to have arisen about such exogamy; the Book of Malachi declares that the intermarriage with "the daughter of a foreign god"(something different from marrying a non-Jewish person) that had occurred was a profanity, though Malachi also argues against divorce.Christine Hayes compares the Deuteronomic and Ezran viewpoints on intermarriage, and discusses in terms of ritual impurity and the fear of profaning the seed of Israel.This was "based on the fear that intimate contact with the Canaanites will lead Israelites to imitate their idolatrous and immoral ways." Thus, Hayes contrasts the restrictions on intermarriage at the time the Torah was written with the time of Ezra by pointing out that the Torah did not prohibit intermarriage between all Gentiles, only those in the seven nations specified.Furthermore, the intent of the Ezra ban was different in that it was based on the preservation of a holy seed, as opposed to the idea in the Torah that contact with the Canaanites would lead to the Israelites imitating their idolatrous and immoral ways.

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1899) which documents an event in Ukraine that the artist read about: a Jewish woman was attacked by members of her community for falling in love with a Christian convert.

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