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We are a country where we plan our weekends around movies.A three-hour film is the best way to unwind and can have a therapeutic effect.Simran is the story about a woman who lives in USA.She is a gambler and a kleptomaniac, who believes in living her life to the fullest.One day they come to know that Jamnadas is no more and they go to attend his prayer meeting.Anna their childhood friend who can communicate with spirits meets them at a prayer meeting.Prem and Raja are twin brothers who are seperated at birth but are uniquely connected to eachother via their reflexes.They reunite as adults and set out to take down the underground smuggling world.

Rest of the star cast just blindly followed whatever said to them. It is a complete waste of time and that time can be spent better somewhere else.Gopal leaves the orphanage with Laxman 1 and Madhav also leaves with Lucky and Laxman 2.Years later they have grown up an earn good by doing con jobs and send a share to Jamnadas's orphanage.But none of them makes an impact expect Johnny Lever and Prakash Raj.Ajay Devgn is one of my favorite actors in Bollywood, but in this movie even he seems helpless, trapped between poor story and no scope to perform. But still, it is OK and accompanied by a good choreography.

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  1. “We are considered leaders in the Christian community, the strong evangelical conservative community, so they are obviously wanting to have us interested in them,” he said.